Good Things Happen in Philly 2023

Good Things Happen in Philly #goodphilly When I started Unless three years ago, I began posting a "good news" article on LinkedIn every week. I call it "Good Things Happen in Philly." These stories about business leaders, companies, ordinary citizens and causes remind me that while the Read More

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Whenever I meet someone with a short name, I ask if it’s an acronym. Ed is never amused. I don’t really do this, but I wonder why companies use so many acronyms, especially when the concepts they represent are so important like diversity, equity and inclusion. Workplace Read More

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Company Thrown Out of Bar

It was quite a desperate and pathetic scene. After the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Company got wasted, became very belligerent, and got arrested (not really. Even though a corporation is a person under the law, it can't get arrested . . . by the law). Stay with Read More

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