Company Thrown Out of Bar

This headline makes no sense unless you've been following my articles about corporations and personhood. In the first article, three companies walked into a bar. Following the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, one of them got out of hand. Confused, intrigued, curious? Keep reading. It was quite a desperate Read More

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That Company’s a #$@$%#

Coach John Wooden said “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” I cannot think of a better barometer than this. Can you? But how do we apply this to a company because remember, a company is a person under the Read More

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The Name Misses the Point

The Washington Football Team missed a big opportunity last week. We could have gotten to know more about the organization. We could have learned about its values, purpose and rich history. Instead, we just got a name – The Commanders. In 1933, the Boston Braves moved to Washington, Read More

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Monthly Dose – November 2021

When is the last time you started a conversation with "I gotta tell you about my insurance company!"? Never. We need Flo, Mayhem, Jake, a duck and an emu to make insurance conversational. Well, mostly. I have to tell you about New York Life. Yes, life insurance, a Read More

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Monthly Inspiration – October 2021

This month, we were inundated with news about Afghanistan. Most of it was negative, but a story about the Kelly family transcended all of the noise. It is heart-breaking and heart-warming, like life itself. It'll reinforce or restore your faith in humanity, I promise.

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