The Purpose Puzzle

Thanks for attending our presentation – The Purpose Puzzle. Below, you’ll find the facts, statistics and recommendations we shared. If you have any specific questions or feedback, please reach out to us!

The Acronyms

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?
What is Diversity Equity and Inclusion (McKinsey)?
What is Corporate Social Responsibility (HBR)?
What is Environment Social and Governance (Bipartisan Policy Center)?
What are Employee Resource Groups (McKinsey)?

Tools to Measure Intangible Assets

ROSI Tools from New York University
B Impact Assessment

The Case for All These Acronyms in Business

State of Progress: Business Contributions to the SDGs
Larry Fink’s 2022 Letter to CEOs
2021 Purpose Playbook – Dick’s Sporting Goods

From the Timeline

Wealth of Nations
The Adam Smith Institute

Gospel of Wealth
Carnegie Corporation of New York

Social Responsibility of the Businessman
Grinnell College

Milton Friedman Doctrine
The Social Responsibility Of Business Is to Increase Its Profits

Global Reporting Initiative
The GRI Community

Principles for Responsible Investing
Who Cares Wins

Corporations with Purpose
Certified B Corp
Benefits Corporation

The Business Roundtable
Business Roundtable

The Securities and Exchange Commission
Ruling on ESG

Woke + Greenwashing
Vox Media
The Guardian

Facts and Figures

Eighty-nine percent of employees believe that companies offering volunteer activities create a better working environment.
Deloitte Volunteerism Study

Eighty-nine percent of executives believe a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction.
Harvard Business Review’s The Case for Purpose

Seventy-two percent of people more likely to forgive purpose-driven company for mistake.
Porter/Novelli, 2021

Executives believe a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction.
EY The Business Case for Purpose

The Videos

The Office
Super Store

Dick’s Sporting Goods