What do you consider before choosing a friend, taking a job or going on a third date? The same thought process can be used when choosing a company.

This page won’t reveal the size of our office, the cars we drive or the clothes we wear. This page is about substance. It reveals who we are and why we’re engaged in this business. It is our roadmap for success and failure, good times and bad. It guides us in all of our decision-making and provides our clients with a concrete set of expectations.

Our Values

Always Authentic. The best relationships and outcomes emerge when people are comfortable sharing their true selves and intentions.

Be Bold. Building a profitable company and strong community requires courage, confidence and understanding that failure is part of the equation for success.

Cultivate Passion. The workplace and our communities are better when colleagues, friends and partners are passionate and feel valued.

Keep it Simple. The world is complex and confusing. The best and most comprehensive solutions come through clarity and simplicity.

Stay Curious. There is always something we can learn or share and life is usually better when we do.

Our Mission

Help companies live their values so they can increase productivity and impact the communities where they work, live and play.


Our vision is to help develop a marketplace where companies pursue purpose with the same vigor and enthusiasm as profits.