Our Value

You have a business plan. You may also have a marketing and sales plan. We help companies imagine, create and implement a corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan. This is the journey we’ll take together.

Introduction. What makes your company unique? It may be its origin, the problem it solves or the skillset possessed by your workforce. Do you share these attributes with anyone? This will engage your stakeholders.

Examination. Who are your stakeholders? You definitely have customers, employees, investors/shareholders and a community. You may also have suppliers, partners or regulators. Do you have a mission statement and/or stated corporate values? How do these assets and your business decisions effect their lives?

Imagination. We take learnings from the previous steps and use them to create a plan to increase engagement and define competitive edge. We recommend a cause(s) that authentically aligns with your company? We explore programs and initiatives and assess the impact they can have on your organization and the community. These may include: employee giving, corporate giving, volunteering, sustainability and/or diversity and inclusion.

Execution. Our objective is to set you up for long term success. We can hand the plan to an internal stakeholder or leverage our resources to implement it for you.

Our Business Model.
We work on a retainer basis and determine our rate based on the resources required (e.g., graphic designers, videographers, media). However, you’ll realize value before any money is exchanged. After an initial conversation, we’ll provide you with a Road Map to open your eyes and mind to the impact your company can have on your employees, customers and community.