The National Lacrosse League wanted to launch a corporate social responsibility platform prior to the start of the 2021- 22 season.


Lacrosse has a rich history in the Indigenous communities of North America. In those communities, the game is called the Creator’s Game and is used to promote health and physical fitness. We assisted with the implementation and development of the program’s umbrella platform NLL Unites and its three pillars – heritage, inclusion and service. The goal was to ensure that histories were shared and honored, differences acknowledged and celebrated, and communities served and united. We worked closely with experts and nonprofit organizations to create a resource center to educate players and referees. We created scripts and designed initiatives to engage and empower key stakeholders. We coordinated with teams to bring meaningful engagement opportunities to local markets. We collaborated with league officials to devise a long term vision. The Every Child Matters campaign earned a Hashtag Sports Award.

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NLL Unites

Hashtag Sports Award 2022
Cynopsis Sports Marketing Award 2023